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We are pleased to welcome you all to KOSCON 2019 BELAGAVI being hosted by BELGAUM OPHTHALMIC ASSOCIATION and J N MEDICAL COLLEGE, Belagavi. We as LOC would not leave any stone unturned to make this event a mega success. We are glad to launch our new website. Our goal with this new website is to provide the delegates an easier way to get connected / register with the information regarding
the upcoming mega event. Amongst some features, the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to foster improved communication. We will be updating our content with helpful information.

Our LOC team is working hard to get ready for the event and we all look forward to an enthralling response.
For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please E-mail us.
BELAGAVI awaits you !!

Warm Regards,
Team KOSCON 2019 | Belagavi

Chief Patron Dr. Prabhakar Kore
Chancellor KAHER, Belagavi

Dr .Vivek Saoji
Vice Chancellor KAHER, Belagavi

Dr. V. D. Patil
Registrar KAHER, Belagavi

Dr. (Mrs) N.S. Mahanthshetti
Principal J.N.Medical College Belagavi

Dr. R. S Mudhol
Medical Superintendent KLE’S Dr.P.K.C.Hospital Belagavi

Dr. M .V. Jalli
M.D.& CEO KLE’S Dr. P.K. Hospital & MRC Belagavi

Senior Advisor Committee Dr. A.R. Khobre
Dr. V. A.Kotiwale
Dr. Anil P Hogade
Dr. (Mrs) Prema Gramopadhya
Dr. S.B. Kulkarni
Conference Co ordinators Dr. S.B Patil
Dr. V.G. Govekar
Organising Chairmen Dr. Sameer Bagewadi
Dr. Arvind Tenagi
Co Chairman Dr. Vinay Dastikop
Organising Secretaries Dr. Sachin Mahuli
Dr. Umesh Harakuni
Treasurer Dr. Sajid Tebhla
Co-Treasurer Dr. Mahesh Magdum
Inauguration Committee Dr. Rekha Mudhol
Dr. Surekha Navalgund
Dr. Jyoti Takkekar
Dr. Shailaja Hugur
Dr. Jyotsna Patil
Registration Committee Dr. Rajesh Takkekar
Dr. Bhagyajyothi Khanagavi
Dr. Sunil Baloji
Dr. A.R.Parai
Dr. Virendra Patil
Scientific Committee Dr.Shilpa Kodkany
Dr. Smitha Prabhu
Dr. Vivek Wani
Dr. Amit Porwal
Dr. Padmaja Hanji
Dr. Preeti Zingade
Dr. Shubhangi
Dr. Rohini Waddinavar
Dr. Kavita Porwal
Food & Banquet Dr. Shivanand Bubanale
Dr. Sandeep Patil
Dr.Prasad Jirge
Dr. Tejaswi
Dr. Somashekhar Guruvanavar
Entertainment Dr. Sadanand Patne
Dr. Amrut Patil
Dr. Vishal Khakandki
Dr. Suresh Hittalmani
Transport Committee Dr. Harshvardhan Patil
Dr. Jagadish Patil
Dr. Arvind Yakkundi
Dr. Rajendra Balikai
Dr. Sachin Murgude
Dr. Anand Puranikmath
Trade Committee Dr. Alpesh Toprani
Dr. Nagbhushan Chougule
Dr. Jacob Sanderwale
Dr. Madhuri Dixit
Dr. Parmeshwar Hotagimath
Website / Communication / Print committee Dr. Mahesh Honagekar
Dr. Vijay Dani
Dr. Padmajit N
Gift & Mementos Committee Dr. Sheetal Porwal
Dr. Chethana Warad
Dr. Chandani
Dr. Rajani
Venue Incharge Dr. Siddharth Pujari
Dr. Suresh Hittalmani
Dr. N.R.Patil
Dr. Khoranmath

Organising Secretary

Dr. Sachin Mahuli
Phone : 09480311630
Email : sachinmahuli@gmail.com

Dr. Umesh Harakuni
Phone : 09845167027
Email : umeshharakuni@yahoo.co.in

Event Manager

The Absolute Journey
Address : 830, 24th Main Rd, Jeewan Sathi Colony, 2nd Phase, J.P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560078

Registration Help Line

Number : +91 7337844529

Email Us : koscon2019@gmail.com

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